NPWS announces nature scholarships to mark 'Muckross 60'
14 June 2024

Seizure of Protected Wild Birds in Limerick
10 June 2024

Excitement in Killarney following first breeding of guess who? The Great Spotted Woodpecker
05 June 2024

Minister Noonan Launches new E-licensing system
04 June 2024

Ministers O’Brien and Noonan congratulates LIFE IP Wild Atlantic Nature for winning major European award for agri-environment pilot with farmers in the northwest
30 May 2024

Sister Park agreement signed between Wild Nephin National Park and Yosemite National Park
24 May 2024

Minister Noonan launches Grasslands Trail during National Biodiversity Week
23 May 2024

€600,000 in funding for New Community-Led Peatlands and Natura Community Engagement Scheme
22 May 2024

Minister Noonan calls for everyone to connect with ‘Natura in your Neighbourhood’ during National Biodiversity Week
20 May 2024

Minister Noonan announces € 2.8 million funding awarded for local biodiversity projects
17 May 2024

Biodiversity Week - time to connect with nature
13 May 2024

Ministers announce Ireland’s first Marine National Park
22 April 2024

Minister Noonan asks the public to protect our chicks over Easter
02 April 2024

Minister Noonan launches new book showcasing Donegal’s native woodlands
22 March 2024

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) deplores the killing of a White-tailed Eagle in Co. Roscommon and appeals to the public for information
19 March 2024

Nestflix and chill - new live stream for nature lovers from NPWS
12 March 2024

Minister Noonan announces €34m project to transform Ireland’s approach to biodiversity data
06 March 2024

NPWS Grants for Small Recording Projects 2024
05 March 2024

Minister Noonan announces 78 Community Biodiversity Grants
04 March 2024

Ministers Noonan and McConalogue announce changes to Deer Open Season to manage Deer Populations
29 February 2024

Ministers welcome approval of the Nature Restoration Law in the EU Parliament
27 February 2024

Minister Noonan calls for vigilance to protect nature as nesting and breeding season approaches
27 February 2024

NPWS marks World Wetlands Day
02 February 2024

Results of the 2022 National Hen Harrier Breeding Survey now published
02 February 2024

Minister Noonan launches new National Biodiversity Action Plan
25 January 2024

Disturbance of protected badger sett- Appeal for Information
25 January 2024

Minister Noonan launches Public Consultation on Hen Harrier Threat Response Plan
12 January 2024

NPWS is recruiting – General Operative Band 2
12 January 2024

Minister Noonan announces ‘Seas off Wexford’ – Ireland’s largest Special Protection Area for seabirds
11 January 2024

Wild Bird Declarations for 2024 Come Into Effect on 1 January 2024
21 December 2023

The NPWS Flora (Protection) Order 2022 Map Viewer – Vascular Plants, Charophytes and Lichens has been published
04 December 2023

New public sector duty will strengthen national action on biodiversity
29 November 2023

Encouraging signs from Curlew Conservation Programme but conservation efforts will take time
28 November 2023

Successes for seabirds in Ireland in new census results
16 November 2023

Open Competition for General Operative Roles
14 November 2023

Strengthening connections through nature – Minister Noonan announces twinning agreement between Wild Nephin National Park, Mayo and Yosemite National Park, USA
10 November 2023

Research and learning to grow in the Burren through new partnership between University of Galway and National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)
27 October 2023

Minister O’Brien announces Ireland’s formal pledge to protect 30% of marine areas by 2030
12 October 2023

Ministers O’Brien and Noonan confirm agreement to purchase Dowth Hall demesne, Co Meath and the establishment of a new National Park
29 September 2023

Statement from Minister Noonan on amendments to the Open Seasons Order for Wild Birds
05 September 2023

Amendments to the Open Seasons Order for Wild Birds
30 August 2023

Minister Noonan welcomes the return of the osprey to Ireland
28 August 2023

White-tailed eagle chicks spread their wings further into Irish skies
15 August 2023

Minister Noonan welcomes survey data showing positive soundings for the return of the corncrake
11 August 2023

Natterjack toadlets welcomed home to the Kingdom
08 August 2023

Minister Noonan announces Ireland’s largest protected area for birds
13 July 2023

National Parks and Wildlife Service statement on death of white-tailed eagles
07 July 2023

Water users urged to take precautions due to outbreak of Crayfish Plague in the Munster Blackwater catchment
05 July 2023

NPWS announces call for new Farm Plan Scheme participants to benefit nature
09 June 2023

Irish Cuckoo Tracking Project hopes to solve migration mysteries
08 June 2023

Leave No Trace Ireland teams up with Roz Purcell to launch ‘Love This Place’ Awareness Campaign for 2023 urging care and respect for our outdoor spaces
06 June 2023

Ireland’s Invasive Alien Species Soil and Stone Pathway Action Plan 2023 – 2027 Public Consultation
04 May 2023

Ministers Noonan and Hackett launch €7.4m coastal nature project on World Curlew Day
21 April 2023

Two men receive criminal convictions and fines for the recreational killing of protected wild birds
27 March 2023

€500,000 in funding for Community-Led Peatland Projects
27 March 2023

Minister Noonan opens applications for the 2023/2024 Deer Hunting Season
23 March 2023

Conviction for two men who used scrambler bikes in protected Wicklow SAC
06 March 2023

NPWS Grants for Small Recording Projects 2023
23 February 2023

Turf cutting contractor fined for illegal extraction
13 February 2023

Public Consultation on the Wild Birds Declarations
16 January 2023

Sand Dune Restoration works at the Raven Nature Reserve, Curracloe, Co. Wexford to commence on Monday 16th January
12 January 2023

Ministers McConalogue and O’Brien launch public consultation on deer management
22 December 2022

Historic Global Biodiversity Framework adopted at UN biodiversity summit in Montréal
19 December 2022

Annual Report of the Curlew Conservation Progamme published
09 November 2022

National Parks and Wildlife Service Strategy Statement – Public Consultation opens today
14 October 2022

Approval for ten new biodiversity officers to bolster local action for nature
13 October 2022

Notice to the Public re Avian Flu
16 September 2022

Public consultation on Ireland’s Fourth National Biodiversity Action Plan (NBAP) launched by Minister Noonan
01 September 2022

Minister welcomes publication of Lesser Horseshoe Bat Species Action Plan
11 August 2022

Invasive Species Alert Issued for Pond Slider
27 July 2022

Ireland’s first captive-bred Natterjack toadlets released into the wild
25 July 2022

Minister Noonan encourages everyone who cares for injured wildlife to ensure they are compliant with the law
20 July 2022

Donegal Landowner Receives Large Fine for Damaging Freshwater Pearl Mussel Habitat
15 July 2022

Invasive Species aquatic Pathway Action Plans (2022-2027) have been published
14 July 2022

Farmer Convicted and fined following the poisoning of protected birds in Wicklow
13 July 2022

Notice to the Public re Avian Flu
07 July 2022

National Parks and Wildlife Service and European Investment Bank strengthen support to rehabilitate Irish peatlands
01 July 2022

Official Launch of ‘Under Darkening Skies’ – a permanent artwork for the Ballycroy Visitor Centre
23 June 2022

Taoiseach tells Biodiversity Conference time has come for "a new era of stewardship of our natural world."
09 June 2022

New ‘Business for Biodiversity’ platform will help businesses to take strategic action for biodiversity
08 June 2022

National Biodiversity Conference to Progress Ireland’s Response to the Global Biodiversity Crisis
07 June 2022

Public asked to assist with Little Terns nesting on Curracloe Beach
02 June 2022

NPWS Review Public Consultation Submissions
25 May 2022

Strategic Action Plan for the Renewal of the National Parks and Wildlife Service
04 May 2022

Irish Wetland Bird Survey (I-WeBS) Trend Report 1994-2020
01 April 2022

Statement from Minister for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan TD, on illegal fires in Wicklow Mountains National Park
31 March 2022

Minister Noonan opens applications for the 2022/2023 Deer Hunting Season and launches mandatory certification training for first time hunters
23 March 2022

Wexford Wildfowl Reserve re-opens
15 March 2022

NPWS Grants for Small Recording Projects 2022
10 March 2022

Wild Birds Declarations 2022-2023
21 February 2022

NPWS to take in new Farm Plan Scheme participants to benefit nature
16 February 2022

Applications invited for 2022 Nature Animation Course
31 January 2022

NPWS Notice: Limited access to Dinis Peninsula for next two weeks
26 January 2022

Curlew Conservation Programme: Seasonal Contracts 2022
20 January 2022

"Check, Clean, Dry" Campaign to protect Irish Waterways launched by Leave No Trace Ireland, the National Biodiversity Data Centre and Partners
19 January 2022

Notice Regarding Avian Influenza
18 January 2022

Working Group on the Use of Peat Moss in the Horticultural Industry Final Report
17 January 2022

Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme, is now open for applications for 2022.
06 January 2022

Department invites comments on draft Invasive Alien Species Pathway Action Plans
09 December 2021

National Parks and Wildlife Service and Leave No Trace Ireland announce Knocksink Wood, Co Wicklow, as Community Engagement Project for 2021
26 November 2021

€7.4m LIFE on Machair project announced
23 November 2021

Three Month Suspended Jail Sentence for the Possession of two dead Buzzards
21 October 2021

Minister of State for Heritage welcomes convictions and fines for habitat destruction
18 October 2021

Convicted and fined €3,000 for destroying hedgerow and scrub woodland
18 October 2021

Fines and penalties issued to Mayo farmer for vegetation destruction during the bird nesting season
18 October 2021

Second population of rare Kerry Mousetail fern discovered
30 September 2021

Care-Peat - Restoring the carbon storage capacity of peatlands
30 September 2021

Convicted and fined €1,000 for destroying vegetation during the bird nesting season
09 September 2021

€6,000 fine for destroying hedgerow vegetation and trees containing birds’ nests with eggs
09 September 2021

Munster Eagles take flight!
16 August 2021

Guidelines for CITES listed bird breeders
23 June 2021

Agri Ecologist (Wildlife Inspector Grade III)
16 June 2021

Researchers plumb the depths of Lough Hyne mystery
10 June 2021

Deer Hunters - Apply Before July!
02 June 2021

NPWS Cooldross Breeding Lapwing Protection Project 2021
21 May 2021

Minister Noonan announces that 31 Local Authorities will share €1.35m fund
21 May 2021

Invasive Species Alert for Asian Hornet
10 May 2021

Public consultation on the mid-term review of the National Peatlands Strategy
30 April 2021

Minister Noonan launches call for NPWS Farm Plan Scheme
19 March 2021

18 March 2021

Minister Noonan opens applications for the 2021/2022 Deer Hunting Season and welcomes hunters back to the countryside to support sustainable deer management
15 March 2021

Review of NPWS - Press Release
09 March 2021

Terms of Reference - Review of the NPWS, 2021
04 March 2021

Minister Malcolm Noonan has secured Government approval for Ireland’s second “Prioritised Action Framework”
03 March 2021

Minister Malcolm Noonan announces €1.35 million for Local Authority biodiversity projects on World Wildlife Day
03 March 2021

Reminder in relation to Hedge Cutting in 2021
23 February 2021

Shass Mountain Peat Landslide report published
04 February 2021

Trade in Elephant Ivory - Consultation process now open on the revision of EU rules on trade in ivory
28 January 2021

Extension to Deadline in relation to the Control of Certain Wild Bird Species
28 January 2021

Covid-19 Level 5 - Shooting Restrictions
21 January 2021

Measures and contact information for NPWS during the COVID-19 crisis
06 January 2021

New COVID-19 restrictions
22 December 2020

Brexit and implications for CITES trade in Ireland
12 November 2020

Hunting under Covid-19 Level 5
03 November 2020

Appointment of working group Chairperson for Peat Moss in Horticultural Industry review
12 October 2020

Minister Noonan announces that 31 Local Authorities will carry out over 50 projects that promote biodiversity across the Country
09 October 2020

Review of the use of peat moss in horticulture - final report now available
07 September 2020

Deer Hunting Applications
07 August 2020

Public Consultation on Draft Prioritised Action Framework for Ireland 2021-2027
24 July 2020

Minister Noonan congratulates Farming for Nature on being awarded a prestigious international prize
09 July 2020

LIFE Applications where National Parks and Wildlife Service input is required or requested
10 June 2020

Review of the use of peat moss in horticulture - submissions now available
04 June 2020

NPWS appeals for assistance in relation to unlawful killing of birds
27 May 2020

Spatial data for third Article 17 report 2019 now available for download
17 May 2020

How Irish families can cultivate nature in their own gardens
01 May 2020

Statement of the Acting Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Ms. Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, on the occasion of Earth Day
22 April 2020

Farming for Nature: The Role of Results-Based Payments book jointly published by NPWS and Teagasc
20 April 2020

Joint Notification of CMS, EUROBATS and AEWA on Bats and COVID-19
16 April 2020

Mandatory certification for deer hunters 2022-23
13 March 2020

Biodiversity Recorders Grant Scheme for 2020
04 March 2020

Public Notice - Storm Brendan
12 January 2020

The Biodiversity Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan
01 November 2019

Consultation Paper on Use of Peat in the Horticultural Industry published
14 October 2019

Farming For Nature Ambassadors are Announced and Public Vote now open
23 September 2019

Curlew Conservation Programme Annual Report 2019
12 September 2019

2019 EU Habitats Directive Conservation Status Assessments published
27 August 2019

Deadly Disease found in Irish hares and rabbits – public asked to report any sightings as Irish Coursing Club Licences suspended with immediate effect
09 August 2019

Minister Madigan decides against allowing roadside hedge cutting during August
23 July 2019

NPWS Grants for small recording projects
08 July 2019

Ireland’s 6th National Report to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity released
08 May 2019

RAPTOR report for 2018 published
17 April 2019

CITES: Possible Implications as a result of the UK leaving the European Union (Brexit)
15 March 2019

Restrictions on Burning and Hedgecutting
01 March 2019

Public Consultation: Ireland's Biodiversity Sectoral Climate Change Adaptation Plan
19 February 2019

Implementation of Section 7(1) of the Heritage Act 2018
21 December 2018

Curlew Conservation Programme Annual Report 2018
21 November 2018

Review of the Derogation Process under Article 9(1)(a) of the Birds Directive – Final Report
22 October 2018

RAPTOR protocol report for 2017 published
05 October 2018

2018 National 'Farming for Nature' Award
04 October 2018

Open Season 2018/2019
30 August 2018

Heritage Act 2018
19 July 2018

Curlew Conservation Partnership grant scheme open
12 July 2018

Review of the Derogation Process under Article 9(1)(a) of the Birds Directive – Interim Report
18 June 2018

Wetlands Guide and Field Survey Manual published
22 May 2018

UCD report on Biodiversity Expenditure published
30 April 2018

Irish Rural Link are hosting information evenings about the deep retrofit pilot scheme
24 April 2018

Hedgerow Notice 2018
11 April 2018

Invasive Species Week 2018
22 March 2018

Update from Curlew Task Force March 2018
13 March 2018

We've moved!
12 March 2018

Curlew Conservation Partnership grant scheme announced
20 February 2018

Curlew Conservation Programme seasonal contracts
19 February 2018

The Flora Protection Order Map Viewer – Bryophytes has been published
13 February 2018

Minister Madigan Announces Publication of the National Raised Bog Special Areas of Conservation Management Plan 2017-2022
22 December 2017

Together we can make a difference for curlew!
14 December 2017

Statement by the Minister on Certification for licensed deer hunters
21 November 2017

Report from the Dublin hosted 2016 Transnational Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation Workshop
13 November 2017

RAPTOR report for 2016 published
09 November 2017

The Last Tweet
24 October 2017

Road Safety Alert – Orange Weather Warning for Storm Brian
20 October 2017

Minister Heather Humphreys launches the 3rd National Biodiversity Action Plan
06 October 2017

Curlew Conservation Programme Annual Report 2017
29 September 2017

Public Consultation on Ivory Trade
21 September 2017

The European Union (EU) updates its list of invasive alien species of Union concern
01 September 2017

National Survey of Upland Habitats – Site Reports
03 August 2017

Glenveagh National Park story map viewer published
27 July 2017

Appointment of Chairperson - Designated Areas Appeals Advisory Board (DAAAB) for SACs and NHAs
04 July 2017

BurrenLIFE wins in Nature and Biodiversity category at the Green Awards ceremony in Brussels on 30 May
06 June 2017

World Environment Day, Monday 5 June
31 May 2017

Information event held on National Land Cover and Habitat Mapping (NLCHM)
30 May 2017

Crayfish Plague on River Suir between Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir: Water users urged to take precautions due to outbreak
26 May 2017

Update from Curlew Task Force June 2017
26 May 2017

Draft National Biodiversity Action Plan 2017 - 2021 - Public Consultation Summary
22 May 2017

Biodiversity and sustainable tourism is the main theme chosen for this years’ International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB), 22 May 2017
22 May 2017

National Ecosystem and Ecosystem Services mapping pilot for Ireland
08 May 2017

Vote for Ireland’s BurrenLIFE project
04 May 2017

S.I. No. 166 of 2017
03 May 2017

Breeding Woodcock Survey of Ireland
28 April 2017

Expressions of interest for appointment as Chairperson for the Designated Areas Appeals Advisory Board (DAAAB) - SAC & NHA
28 April 2017

Léirithe spéise i gceapachán Chathaoirleach an Bhoird Chomhairligh Achomharc um Limistéir Ainmnithe (DAAAB)
28 April 2017

A National Biodiversity Expenditure Review for Ireland
20 March 2017

Curlew Task Force - update March 2017
10 March 2017

NPWS Seasonal Staff Recruitment
01 March 2017

01 March 2017

National Biodiversity Action Plan Public Consultation: Submissions Closed 9th February
02 February 2017

Curlew Task Force established
27 January 2017

Red List No.11: Cartilaginous fish [Sharks, skates, rays and chimaeras] published
27 January 2017

Project on Hen Harrier Prey Wins at Young Scientists
17 January 2017

Advice on Avian Influenza for Hunters
06 January 2017

Fógra maidir leis an bhFliú Éanúil
03 January 2017

Notice Regarding Avian Influenza
03 January 2017

National Biodiversity Action Plan Public Consultation: Submissions Closed 9th February
21 December 2016

Red List No.10: Vascular Plants published
08 December 2016

NPWS Publish 5th Annual report on threats to birds of prey
17 November 2016

Monitoring Guidelines-Assessment of Petrifying Springs in Ireland
13 October 2016

Lady's Island Lake Tern Report 2016 Available Online
12 August 2016

EU Regulation on Invasive Alien Species 1143/2014
09 August 2016

Expansion of Wicklow Mountains National Park
04 August 2016

Restrictions on the destruction of hedges and the destruction of vegetation on uncultivated land from 1 March to 31 August 2016
27 July 2016

Deer Hunting Licences 2016/2017 Season
19 April 2016

Draft Irish Standards of Modern Zoo Practice - Public Consultation
24 March 2016

World Wildlife Day 3rd March 2016: Press Release
02 March 2016

Hedge Cutting Notice 2016
01 March 2016

LIFE Active Raised Bogs Restoration Project Team Recruitment (CLOSED)
02 February 2016

TCD Research Project: Assessing the Conservation Status of Turloughs
20 January 2016

Survey of Potential Turloughs 2015, Vols. I & II
20 January 2016

Slieve Bloom Nature Reserve News
21 December 2015

New Natterjack Toad Monitoring Project in Co. Kerry
10 December 2015

01 December 2015

Stakeholder Workshop on Ecosystems Services Mapping
20 November 2015

Irish Canoe Survey
16 November 2015

30 October 2015

INTERREG VA Programme Call for Applications
28 September 2015

Flora (Protection) Order, 2015
04 September 2015

RAPTOR Reports Published for 2012, 2013 & 2014
13 August 2015

‘Ireland’s Wild River – The Mighty Shannon’
15 July 2015

Habitats Directive Article 17 Reporting
25 June 2015

Birds Directive Article 12 Reporting
25 June 2015

Review of Section 40 of the Wildlife Act: Public Consultation Submissions
19 June 2015

Rare Mollusc Report Published
03 June 2015

Hen Harrier SPA Habitat Map Viewer published
13 May 2015

Irish Hen Harrier Survey 2015
31 March 2015

Publication of the Report on Deer Management in Ireland
03 March 2015

Monitoring methods for the threatened Killarney Fern (Trichomanes speciosum Willd.) in Ireland
16 January 2015

Prioritised Action Framework
20 November 2014

Public Consultation on assessments of conservation status
14 July 2014

LIFE Applications where National Parks and Wildlife Service input is required or requested
01 July 2014

Raised Bog SAC plan/peatlands strategy
17 January 2014

Tracking Hen Harriers
23 August 2013

Bird of Prey Poisoning and Persecution Report 2011
26 July 2013

Curlew Hunting Banned
31 October 2012