Invasive Species aquatic Pathway Action Plans (2022-2027) have been published

Date Released: Thursday, July 14, 2022

Under Article 13(1) of the EU Regulation on Invasive Alien Species, Member States are required to carry out comprehensive analysis of the pathways of unintentional introduction and spread of invasive alien species and ‘identify the pathways which require priority action because of the volume of species or of the potential damage caused by the species entering the Union through those pathways’. By analysing the risk of each of the IAS of Union concern being introduced and spread in Ireland with the potential impact they may have, the associated pathways are ranked and prioritized. For the priority pathways, Pathway Action Plans are developed.

The purpose of Pathway Action Plans is to prevent or minimize the risk posed by the pathways using measures such as raising public awareness and setting out actions to prevent unintentional introductions by minimizing the contamination of goods, commodities, vehicles, and equipment by invasive alien species, and ensuring appropriate border checks.

The Pathway Action Plans for Angling and for Recreational Boating and Watercraft are now available for viewing on the Publications page. They were each developed by a working group chaired by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and were available for public consultation between 09 December 2021 and 04 February 2022