Invasive Species Alert Issued for Pond Slider

Date Released: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Please see linked Invasive Alien Species alert at the website of the National Biodiversity Data Centre for more details, including information on identifying the Pond Slider.

Summary of potential impacts:

  • The Pond Slider can persist locally, competing with native species for food and resources.
  • It can impact on some bird species by using nests as basking sites.
  • Risk of disease and parasite transmission to native species and humans. E.g., considered a potential vector of salmonella.
  • As the species matures it become more omnivorous, they predominately eat plants but also have the ability to predate on young birds and fish. This could impact upon Ireland’s native biodiversity.

Summary Source and to View More Information Please Visit the Invasive Alien Species in Ireland Website