Licence to Hunt Fauna on State-Owned Foreshore

Permissions are given by the Minister under Section 30 of the Wildlife Act, 1976 (as amended), to hunt fauna on or over foreshore belonging to the State or on or over land belonging to the State and which is either covered by any inland waters or comprised in the lakeshore accretion from any lake.

Note: On expiry of this permit a return must be provided to the address below. If a return is not made, a new permit will not be issued.  (A “Nil” return should be submitted if applicable.)

Applications for permissions are made on a standard application form available from:

Wildlife Licence Unit
National Parks and Wildlife Service
Department of  Housing, Local Government and Heritage 
90 King Street North
Dublin 7
D07 N7CV


Download a Section 30-Foreshore Licence application form

All sanctuary areas are excluded from the permissions given and with the exception of certain areas which are excluded or limited on the grounds of conservation, applications are granted on demand. Applications are valid to individuals for five years. Gunclubs and a small number of other sites licences are for one year only.

For information on the ban on curlew hunting, please click here.