Licence to Hunt Fauna on State-Owned Foreshore

Application forms are available below for permits under Section 30 of the Wildlife Act, 1976 (as amended). Applications from individuals are for a five year period. Applications from gun clubs are for one year only. The following documents can be accessed for completion:  

There are two options when you are filling out your application form. You can open the email application form which allows you to type your information in to the fields. Click into the yellow box and start typing and it will expand as you type. Type in your signature when finished and then save it to your own computer/laptop. Attach the document to an email and email to

The second option is you can print out the manual application form above, fill it in, sign it and post it in to Wildlife Licensing Unit at 90 North King Street, Dublin 7, D07 N7CV.

You must complete all sections of the application form. Incomplete forms will be returned to you. You must include a valid email address or the processing of your permit may be delayed. A typed signature on emailed applications will be accepted and treated in the same manner as a ‘wet signature’ on manual applications in signing the declaration.

Guidelines & Exclusion Zones

We have provided guidelines to help you complete the form. We suggest that you read the guidelines prior to completing the form:  We have provided a list of current exclusion zones. Please note: All sanctuary areas are excluded from the permissions given.

Section 30 Returns Form

If you hold a S30 permit you must complete a returns report form on an annual basis. If a return is not made your permit may be revoked and/or a new permit may not issue.

Returns should be sent to

Permissions are given by the Minister under Section 30 of the Wildlife Act, 1976 (as amended), to hunt fauna on or over foreshore belonging to the State, or on or over land belonging to the State and which is either covered by any inland waters or comprised in the lakeshore accretion from any lake.


If you have any queries in relation to the above please email