To Keep an Injured or Disabled Protected Wild Animal or Bird

Under Section 23(6) of the Wildlife Act, 1976 (as amended) the Minister may grant a licence to a person to have in possession for a reasonable period of time an injured or disabled protected wild animal, or one or more than one dependant young of a protected wild animal which is orphaned with the intention of tending and later releasing such animal or young back into the wild when and only when such animal or young, as the case may be, is no longer injured, disabled or dependant.

To a person to retain possession of a protected wild animal, that for reasons of disability or for other reasons deemed reasonable by the Minister, would, if released, be unlikely to survive unaided in the wild.

Applications for permissions are made on a standard application form available from:

Wildlife Licensing Unit,
National Parks and Wildlife Service,
Department of Culture,Heritage and the Gaeltacht,
90 North King Street,
Dublin 7.
Phone: (01) 888 3242

Download an application form for a Licence to Keep an Injured or Disabled Wild Animal  Microsoft Word icon [1.64MB]

Download an application form for a Licence to Possess an Injured or Disabled Wild Bird   [288KB]