Hare Coursing

The Minister’s responsibility under the Wildlife Acts relates to wildlife conservation and for ensuring the conservation of certain wildlife species, including hares. The control of live hare coursing, including the operation of individual coursing meetings and managing the use of hares for that activity, is carried out under the Greyhound Industry Act 1958 which is the responsibility of the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Hare coursing is administered by the Irish Coursing Club (ICC) which is a body set up under the Greyhound Industry Act 1958. Legal provisions for coursing enable the regulatory authorities to control coursing and reduce the attraction of illegal, unregulated coursing activity. It is important to note that all greyhounds are muzzled during these coursing events.

Licences issued to the ICC under the Wildlife Acts to capture and tag hares for coursing meetings for the 2021/2022 season

Reports for the current season will be shown on this page later in the year. Reports for the 2020/2021 season are also available.