Licence to Engage in Falconry and/or to Possess Birds of Prey/Section 41

This section of is for those who wish to apply for the following licences

Once the relevant application form is completed, please send by email to the following address:

Applications are assessed by NPWS Regional Staff based on information made available by the applicant. This assessment could include a visit to an applicant’s premises. A decision is then made to either grant or refuse the licence request.

Information to aid the completion of the above application forms can be found in our current Falconry Circular. We also include Peregrine Draw Conditions 2024 and CITES Information.

The circular outlines payment details/instructions, CITES information, inspection of premises by NPWS staff, adding/removing a bird from a licence and taking a bird of prey from the wild.

These licences are issued under the 1984 regulations under Section 41 of the Wildlife Act. These regulations can be viewed at Wildlife Act, 1976 (Birds of Prey) Regulations,1984

Applications to engage in falconry and or possess a bird of prey must be made on an annual basis. All current Bird of Prey possession and engage in falconry licences expire on 31 January annually. It is an offence under the above regulations to engage in falconry or be in possession of  a bird of prey without a licence.

How to Pay?

A charge of €12.70 applies for the following licences -

  • Application Form to Engage in Falconry/Possess with a Bird of Prey
  • Application Form to Engage in Falconry/Possess Bird of Prey by Out of State Falconer

Payment should be made by Electronic Funds Transfer to the Department’s Bank Account. All account details are listed on the relevant application form.

There is no charge to take a bird of prey from the wild or to add/remove a bird from the licence.