SAC and SPA Datasheets Downloads

This page provides links to summary data sheets for SACs and SPAs.

The data sheets are available in multiple formats - XLS, CSV and JSON

These datasheets provide regular summary updates of site related details for Natura 2000 sites in Ireland including lists of the birds, habitats and species for which each Natura 2000 site is selected. 

Current versions (last update 17th October 2023)

SAC_datasheets_20231017 (ZIP 313 KB)

SPA_datasheets_20231017 (ZIP 143 KB)

Older versions

SAC datasheet 20/04/2023 (ZIP 292 KB)

SPA datasheet 20/04/2023 (ZIP 132 KB)

SAC datasheet 24/10/2022 (ZIP 285 KB)

SPA datasheet 24/10/2022 (ZIP 118 KB)

SAC datasheet 07/02/2022 (uploaded 15 March 2022) (ZIP 308 KB)

SPA datasheet 07/02/2022 (uploaded 15th March 2022) (ZIP 119 KB)