Data Usage and Limitations


Users of NPWS data available on this website must be aware of the following advisory notes and limitations:

  • The data listed for download are from records from key datasets and reports held by NPWS. They do not comprise the complete archive of biodiversity data held by NPWS.
  • Species records are accurate to 1 km square level, after that there may be errors due to different map scales being used to calculate the grid references. Many were calculated before the widespread use of GPS.
  • Habitat maps are indicative in nature only, and site boundaries may have been revised since the habitat maps were produced. 
  • Any biological record is specific to the date of recording and does not necessarily imply the continuance of the species at that site. Users should verify that the data were collected at a time of the day and year appropriate to the species.
  • Any absence of information in the NPWS dataset does not necessarily indicate an absence of records for a given area or species, the area or species may simply be unrecorded.
  • Similarly, any absence of information in the NPWS dataset for an area, does not necessarily imply a low biodiversity value for that area.
  • NPWS data are not published here as legal definitions of the current actuality with regard to conservation regulations or their geographic extent. NPWS do not guarantee that the digital data is free of minor errors not materially affecting performance.
  • NPWS does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, performance or fitness for a particular prupose of the data.  It is the users' responsiblity to ensure that the data are fit for any intended use.
  • Data are provided on the understanding that users will not use the information to the detriment of individual species or habitats, biodiversity or the environment in general.