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National Parks and Wildlife Service designated area spatial data has been updated as of April 2022

Changes to site boundaries since the data was last published in February 2022 are listed below.

Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)

County Sitecode Sitename Version
Co. Galway 000248 Cloonmoylan Bog SAC 3.01
Co. Galway 000296 Lisnageeragh Bog and Ballinastack Turlough SAC 3.01
Co. Kerry 000332 Akeragh, Banna and Barrow Harbour SAC   3.02
Co. Kerry 000382 Sheheree (Ardagh) Bog SAC    3.02
Co. Laois and Co. Offaly 000412 Slieve Bloom Mountains SAC 3.01
Co. Louth 000453 Carlingford Mountain SAC 3.02
Co. Mayo 000522 Lough Gall Bog SAC 3.03
Co. Sligo 000622 Ballysadare Bay SAC 3.04
Co. Wicklow 000729 Buckroney-Brittas Dunes and Fen SAC 3.02
Co. Laois and Co. Offaly 000859 Clonaslee Eskers and Derry Bog SAC 3.01
Co. Leitrim 001403 Arroo Mountain SAC 3.03
Co. Mayo 001482 Clew Bay Complex SAC 3.02
Co. Mayo 001955 Croaghaun/Slievemore SAC 3.02
Co. Leitrim and Co. Cavan 002032 Boleybrack Mountain SAC  3.02
Co. Kildare 002331 Mouds Bog SAC   3.01
Co. Galway 002347 Camderry Bog SAC  3.02
Co. Kerry 002351 Moanveanlagh Bog SAC 3.01


NPWS has begun the process of bringing our spatial data into the ITM projection on modern OSI mapping.

These ITM boundaries will be made publicly available once they have been passed into legislation as Statutory Instruments (SI). 

This process will be on-going over the next few years.

NPWS spatial data is now available for download as shapefiles only. Each designation type will have a national shapefile in the Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) projection.

The SAC and SPA shapefiles now contain a mixture of legacy Irish Grid/1:10,560 and modern ITM/1:5000 data. Most of the data was digitized in the Irish Grid (IG) projection on the OSI ‘Six-Inches-to-One-Mile’ map series.

Our legacy IG/'Six Inch Series' data has been transformed from IG into ITM using the NTv2 polynomial transformation.  Legacy issues regarding the Cassini projections and gaps/overlapping of site boundaries across county boundaries remain.

One exception to this are a number of offshore SAC sites are now available for download in WGS84 (as part of the SAC shapefile download) - these sites are between 100km and 400km offshore approximately.

Changes to the site boundaries are listed in the document 'Changes_to_NPWS_Spatial_data.doc' which is included in each relevant zip file.

The Irish Spatial Data Exchange catalogue will be the main reference point for all NPWS and Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage GIS dataset metadata. End users are encourage to consult ISDE for our latest data updates.

GIS dataset downloads

Designation Update Date ISDE Metadata Record Download Dataset
Special Area of Conservation (SAC) 13/04/2022 Link to ISDE metadata record SAC_ITM_2022_04 (ZIP, 25MB)
Special Protection Area (SPA) 27/10/2021 Link to ISDE metadata record SPA_ITM_2021_10 (ZIP, 11MB)
Natural Heritage Area (NHA) 28/06/2019 Link to ISDE metadata record NHA_ITM_2019_06 (ZIP, 2MB)
proposed Natural Heritage Area (pNHA) 01/02/2011 Link to ISDE metadata record pNHA_ITM_2015_11 (ZIP, 20MB)


There have been some changes to the attribute fields.

  • Ha: Area of site in hectares.
  • Source_CRS: Co-ordinate Reference System used in digitizing the source data (ITM or Irish Grid).
  • SourcScale: Scale of base-mapping used (1:5000 or 1:10,560 which corresponds to 6 inches to 1 mile).

GIS Web Services for NPWS Designations

OGC Web Map Service:

ArcGIS REST Web service:


If you have any queries on these boundary data downloads and web services or if you'd like to be added to our mailing list please contact us by email:

For bulk summary data on Natura2000 sites visit the Designated Site Data Page for SACs and SPAs.