Raptors and Owls

NPWS activities in relation to raptors and owls focus on the following initiatives:

  • RAPTOR protocol

The RAPTOR (Recording and Addressing Persecution and Threats to Our Raptors) protocol is a cooperarative approach between the NPWS, regional veterinary laboratories, and state laboratories, to systematically determine the extent to which poisoning and persecution are threats to Ireland's native birds of prey. Read more about the RAPTOR protocol.

  • Countryside Bird Survey

The Countryside Bird Survey monitors the changing abundances of our more common and widespread raptors such as sparrowhawk and kestrel. More targeted species-specific surveys are often warranted to monitor Ireland’s eagles, hawks, falcons, kites and owls.

  • Peregrine survey

The last national survey of peregrine occurred some time ago; however, annual monitoring of this species is undertaken at the regional level both in the Wicklow area and in the Galway/Mayo area.

  • Hen harrier

The hen harrier is subject to particular conservation effort and further information can be found here.

  • Eagle re-introduction

NPWS has supported the Golden Eagle Trust with three raptor re-introduction projects. For more information on the golden eagle, white-tailed eagle and red kite in Ireland see here.