Licence to Hunt Pen-Reared Birds

The Minister is empowered, under Section 22(9)(b), to grant licences for the hunting of pen-reared birds. Licences are given subject to applicants satisfying local management staff in relation to the release of stock. Licences for hen pheasants are largely restricted to 35% of the stock released. Licences are restricted to the periods of 1st November to the 15th February for pen-reared hen pheasants and 1st September to 31st January for pen-reared partridge.

Applications should be made in writing and sent to:

Wildlife Licensing Unit
National Parks and Wildlife Service
Department of  Housing, Local Government and Heritage 
90 King Street North
Dublin 7
D07 N7CV


Download an application Section 22 (9)(b) - Pen Reared Birds