Catering Concessions

Catering concessions are generally awarded for a 2-year period following a public tendering process for the provision of catering services at restaurants or tea rooms in the visitor centres at Connemara National Park, Glenveagh National Park, Coole Garryland Nature Reserve and at both Dinis Cottage and Deenagh Lodge in Killarney National Park.
Concessions are advertised in newspapers. Tenderers must submit a current Tax Clearance Certificate and provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance covering claims up to €2.5million.


Catering Concession Conditions

Successful tenderers must comply with a number of conditions in the operation of their concession. These conditions may vary to take account of factors relating to the operation, location etc. of a particular concession. However, the following conditions are in general applied to all concessions.


The successful tenderer (licensee) must

  • Keep the restaurant or tea shop open to the public for the periods specified in the tender documents (varies from site to site) all day during the hours when the site is open to the public and at no other time save at the request of the Minister.
  • Use the premises solely for the purpose of operating a restaurant or tea shop.
  • Ensure that all food and drink shall be of good quality and fit for human consumption. No items of food or drink which may be taken away from the premises may be sold or offered to the public. 
  • Provide adequate and competent staff and ensure that they are neat, clean and tidy at all times. 
  • Charge a reasonable price for all refreshments, goods and services rendered and to display prominently on the premises a list of food and refreshment prices. 
  • Pay all electricity and telephone charges associated with the operation of the concession. 
  • Maintain the furniture, fittings and equipment in a good and proper state of repair. 
  • Keep the restaurant or tea room in a clean and tidy condition at all times. 
  • Where relevant clean any grease trap on a daily basis.
  • Adhere to the following environmental conditions :
    (i) all dishwasher detergents must be phosphate free,
    (ii) no chlorine bleaches to be used,
    (iii) whenever possible, packaging should be kept to a minimum,
    (iv) glass bottles and vegetable waste must be separated for recycling.
  • Not display advertising matter inside or outside the premises, or erect any signs, notice boards, flag poles, flags, etc. without the prior approval in writing.
  • Refrain from carrying out any structural works on the said premises or make any alterations whatsoever thereto.
  • Permit the Minister, his/her workmen and agents to enter the restaurant/tea rooms at all reasonable times and examine the state of repair and condition of the premises, its furniture, fittings and equipment. 
  • Not assign, sublet, sub-divide or part with the possession of the premises without the previous consent in writing of the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government .
  • Not use the said premises in connection with any business carried out elsewhere by the licensee or with which the licensee may be associated. 
  • Observe all the relevant statutory or other regulations and requirements relating to the said premises and to the business carried on there.
  • Be responsible for the security of the restaurant or tea shop including locking up in the evening times and the safety of cash. 
  • Keep the Minister and the State indemnified against all claims of up to a specified value for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property arising in any manner whatsoever from the business carried out by the Licensee on the said premises or arising in any manner therefrom and (s)he shall effect and maintain a public liability insurance policy covering such risks in the joint names of the Licensee and the Minister. 
  • Be responsible for the payment of any rates assessed on the premises or on the concession carried out therein.
  • Be responsible for any Value Added Tax or other taxes incurred in the running of the restaurant or tea shop.


Withdrawal of Concession Licence

The concession licence may be withdrawn in the event of:

  • Any breach of the above conditions.
  • The Licensee failing to provide a satisfactory service pursuant to the terms of the Licence.
  • Late or non payment of the concession fees.
  • Unsuitable conduct or behaviour at any time during the period of the concession.
    In the event of termination of a concession licence the Licensee must vacate the premises, the rent being apportioned to the date of termination, but without payment of any compensation.