Dog Field Trials

Dog field trials are allowed within some National Parks & Wildlife Service sites, specifically the Slieve Bloom Mountains Nature Reserve and the Wicklow Mountains National Park. This activity is recognised as a traditional activity at both of these sites. Provided specific conditions are adhered to by the participants this activity does not cause undue disturbance. Permission may only be granted to recognised Dog Trial Clubs associated with and licensed by the Irish Kennel Club.



The following conditions must be observed:

  • The Minister is indemnified against any claims for loss or damage to property, or injury to persons arising out of the granting of permission to hold a field trial.
  • All directions of the Minister and his/her authorised representatives are complied with.
  • National Parks & Wildlife Service must be notified in advance of the field trial and informed of the proposed activities. The applicant must submit a return of the birds flushed and the location to the National Parks & Wildlife Service. 
  •  No shooting of fauna is permitted but the use of starting pistols using blank cartridges is permitted to simulate shots for the purpose of testing the reactions of trial dogs.
  • Details of any structure or installation which may be constructed in connection with field trials must be submitted in advance and agreed with the National Parks & Wildlife Service.
  • The site must be made clean and tidy following field trial.
  • No undue interference shall be caused to other users of the site.
  • The consent of all grazing tenants of lands over which participants may pass must be received in advance of trial.
  • Any damage caused to State property (including damage to roads, drains, fences, gates or stiles) must be made good to the satisfaction of the Minister.



National Parks & Wildlife Service reserves the right to review its policy in regard to this activity, or indeed to withdraw permission in the interests of safety and conservation.