Boating licences are issued in Killarney National Park. There is little or no boating on lakes in other National Parks and the need to license the activity has not arisen. 

Private boats are regulated by way of mooring disc. In a scheme initiated in 1991, in consultation with interested parties, mooring discs were issued to all boat-owners having a recognised traditional mooring on the lakes, subject to an overall limit on the number of discs permitted. These discs are transferable to a member of the holder's immediate family only. The National Parks & Wildlife Service must be notified of all such proposed transfers. Transfer to a person other than a member of the holder's immediate family is not permitted without the prior specific written consent of the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

All of the available mooring spaces were allocated some years ago and there is now a waiting list. Persons applying for discs are now placed on a waiting list in order of application. As discs become available, either through the relinquishing of existing discs or through the creation of new discs, they are allocated to persons on the waiting list.

In order to afford an opportunity for those on the waiting list to gain access to the lakes with their boats, a total of 20 new mooring spaces were provided and these are allocated by way of a lottery each year. The 20 winners are each allocated a disc which is valid for one year only.


Licence Conditions

  • Craft Dimensions - Boats must conform to the traditional lake boat form. All new or replacement engines are limited to 5 hp 
  • Passenger limits - Passengers may not be carried for reward
  • Mooring disc must be displayed
  • Boat must be moored at allocated mooring point only.


Withdrawal of Licence

The licence may be withdrawn in the event of:

  • A breach of any of the licence conditions or preconditions 
  • Late payment of fees 
  • A breach of any statutory provisions
  • Behaviour inimical to the objectives of the National Park 
  • Inappropriate behaviour which leads National Parks & Wildlife Service to believe the holder to be unfit to hold a licence
  • Notice of withdrawal of licence may be given to the licensee orally or in writing with immediate effect.



In the event of any withdrawal of licence, there is provision for an appeal to be made to the Minister.