Review of the use of Article 9(1)(a) of the Birds Directive in Ireland

Final Report and Consulation

A review of the process of the use of Article 9(1)(a) of the EU Birds Directive in Ireland, was completed by ANIAR Consultancy on behalf of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht in September 2018.   

This included a targeted consultation with key stakeholders that covered the following topics:

  • Ecological status of the species listed on current Declaration
  • Extent of the issues involving these species
  • Overview of European legislation.

The final report is available here:

Consultative Committee to consider the impact of gulls in urban areas

Following a recommendation in the Report on the Review of the Derogation Process under Article 9 of the EU Birds Directive, a Consultative Committee was convened to consider the impact of gulls in urban areas and appropriate actions to deal with such impacts. The Committee comprised representatives of BirdWatch Ireland, Balbriggan Community Committee, Fingal County Council, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The Committee met four times between June 2019 and February 2020. Copies of the agreed minutes of the first three meetings are below. Minutes from the fourth meeting were not agreed as the Committee did not meet a fifth time, however, the draft of these minutes are below.

The Committee completed it’s First Interim Report, however, one member, Balbriggan Community Committee opted not to sign-off on this and instead provided a minority report. Both reports are available below.​

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