Lough Ree SAC

Site Details

Site code
Special Area of Conservation (SAC)
Latitude: 53.5498
Longitude: -7.97667

Qualifying Interests

Natural eutrophic lakes with Magnopotamion or Hydrocharition - type vegetation [3150]

Semi-natural dry grasslands and scrubland facies on calcareous substrates (Festuco-Brometalia) (* important orchid sites) [6210]

Active raised bogs [7110]

Degraded raised bogs still capable of natural regeneration [7120]

Alkaline fens [7230]

Limestone pavements [8240]

Bog woodland [91D0]

Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior (Alno-Padion, Alnion incanae, Salicion albae) [91E0]

Lutra lutra (Otter) [1355]

Site Documents

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CO000440.pdf [14.8 MB]

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SY000440.pdf [181 KB]

Statutory Instrument


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MAP000440.pdf [125.9 MB]

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Title: Semi natural grassland survey of counties Roscommon and Offaly [3.1 MB]
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Author: Martin, J.R.; Gabbett, M.; Perrin, P.M.; Delaney, A.M.
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Title: Survey of Annex I Alluvial Woodlands in Lough Ree cSAC [1.9 MB]
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