Slieve Bloom Mountains Nature Reserve

Slieve Bloom NR Slieve Bloom NR juvenile hen harrier 'star' 2013 NPWS Heritage Week Walk at the Ridge of Capard

The Slieve Bloom Mountains Nature Reserve is, at over 2,300 hectares, Ireland’s largest state-owned Nature Reserve. It was established in 1985, so that it could be managed in such a way as to ensure the conservation of the mountain blanket bog ecosystem. In addition, the Nature Reserve is designated a Ramsar Wetland Site and a Council of Europe Biogenetic Reserve. Much of the greater upland area has been designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The primary interest of the SAC is mountain blanket bog. The Slieve Bloom Mountains are also designated a Special Protection Area (SPA), of special conservation interest for the hen harrier, a rare bird of prey.

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The Slieve Bloom Nature Reserve is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Find out more on the conservation management of the Nature Reserve.

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You can download a leaflet for the Slieve Bloom Nature Reserve. This leaflet has information on visiting the Nature Reserve plus details on what wildlife can be found here. Inside the leaflet there is a map of the Nature Reserve with information on walks. Directions for vehicle Sat Nav to the Boardwalk on the Ridge of Capard are given too.

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NEW! Hen Harrier Project 2015

Following on from work in 2013 & 2014, this year nest cameras were discretely put into remote hen harrier nests, under license, revealing fascinating insights into nesting behaviour. View some of these photos plus see some of the hen harrier juveniles wing-tagged this summer and find out how you can help with the hen harrier wing-tagging re-sighting project.


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There are a number of conservation projects being carried out on the Nature Reserve. Find out more.


Slieve Bloom NR boardwalk

The Nature Reserve is a great place for hiking, walking, birdwatching or to simply enjoy the stunning scenery. There are three way-marked walks and a viewing platform at the Ridge of Capard.  There are also guided nature walks during the summer.


Slieve Bloom NR- male hen harrier

The Slieve Bloom Nature Reserve is a great place to see plants and animals associated with mountain blanket bog and heath and other upland habitats. Discover more about this fantastic wildlife.

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Curlew on the bog

Slieve Bloom SPA site synopsis

The Landscape of Slieve Bloom by John Feehan (1979) reprinted (2010)