Licence for the Exportation of Wild Birds / Animals etc

Regulations were made in 1979, under Section 53 of the Act, entitled Wildlife Act, 1976, (Control of Export of Fauna) Regulations, 1979 . Under these Regulations, the export, except under licence from the Minister, of certain specified wild birds and wild animals and specified parts or products of certain wild birds and wild animals, is prohibited.

Applications for permissions are made on a standard application form available from:

CITES Management Authority
National Parks and Wildlife Service
Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage
90 King Street North
Dublin 7
D07 N7CV


Download the Application For Export Licence

Applications for licences are considered on demand if the applicant can satisfy the NPWS that the species have been legally acquired. Where species listed under the CITES Regulations are concerned, procedures on the processing of applications in relation to CITES are set out in detail in the Regulations implementing CITES in the EU as follows: 338/97, 865/2006, 1332/2005 and 605/2006.