Deer Hunting Commercial Operators

Application Form - Deer Hunting Season 2023/2024

The Wildlife Licencing Unit (WLU) is now accepting applications from Commercial Operators for the Deer Hunting Season 2023/2024 under Section 29(1) of the Wildlife Act 1976 to 2018.

The following documents can now be accessed:

Note:  If you are a first time applicant you must provide proof of completion of deer hunting certified training and/or licence from your Country of residence. 

There are two options in relation to how you fill out your application form.

The first option is - open the email application form above which will allow you to type in your information in the yellow fields. Click into the box and start typing. The box will expand as you type. You can type in your signature when finished and then save it to your own computer/laptop. You can then attach the document to an email and email it in to NPWS at

The second option is you can print out the manual application form above, fill it in, sign it and post it in to NPWS.

All sections of the application form must be completed.

Incomplete forms will be returned.

All application forms should contain a valid email address or it will be returned.

A typed signature on emailed applications will be accepted and treated in the same manner as a ‘wet signature’ on manual applications in signing the declaration.

Commercial Operators should forward all Application forms and returns forms, along with landowner permission details to or by post to:

Wildlife Licensing Unit
National Parks and Wildlife Service
Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage
90 North King Street
Dublin 7
D07 N7CV