NPWS Farm Plan Scheme

The NPWS Farm Plan Scheme was launched in 2006.  To date over 650 NPWS Farm Plans have been approved and these plans have been instrumental in designing national agri-environment schemes which have been taken forward on a larger scale under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

The NPWS Farm Plan Terms and Conditions Document was updated in 2015 and can be accessed here. National Parks and Wildlife Service Farm Plan Scheme - Terms and Conditions  [2.47MB]

The National Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department may prioritise the delivery of farm plans for key habitats or species or for particular designations and where these measures are not already provided for in national agri-environment schemes, in order to deliver bespoke solutions for conservation and farming, for particular elements as identified by a Steering Committee, in line with Ireland's Prioritised Action Framework.  One of the main objectives of the NPWS Farm Plan Scheme is to trial novel approaches to farming for the environment. Examples of such approaches can be accessed here