Curlew Action Team Assistant (CATA)


A “CAT assistant” role is available for each area, with an emphasis on helping the local team with survey work in particular or focussing on particular elements as prioritised depending on area and time. This role may suit persons interested in building experience and their CV in regard to nature conservation and is open to all over the age of 18.

Areas (See Appendix 1)

  • Stack’s Mountains
  • North Roscommon/East Mayo
  • Mid Co. Leitrim/North East Roscommon
  • Donegal


Starting Wednesday 08 March 2023, the primary focus of the Curlew Action Team Assistant shall be to assist in general duties including surveying and community engagement.


All work must be carried out in full compliance with Government/HSE guidance on Covid-19. In the event that such guidance or other ruling by Government around Covid-19 prevents any work related to the contract from proceeding for any period of time, then the Contractor must inform the Client, and in agreement between Contractor and Client the work schedule shall be adjusted accordingly. The Client shall not be liable for any costs arising e.g. if days could not be worked.