Parks and Reserves Unit

The Parks & Reserves Unit is responsible for:

  • Administration of lands acquired by the State for nature conservation purposes (i.e. National Parks & Nature Reserves) and other, as yet undesignated, properties acquired for nature conservation purposes. This involves:
  • The designation of Nature Reserves under the Wildlife (Amendment) Act, 2000, by preparing Statutory Instruments and supporting documentation.
  • Developing proposals for the provision of visitor facilities in co-operation with the Education & Visitor Service Unit of the Office of Public Works (OPW).
  • Managing and monitoring expenditure of approved ERDF/ Structural Fund and NDP funded projects.
  • Arranging contracts for works, supplies and services in NPWS properties.
  • Administration, control and regulation of concessions/licenses including restaurants, boating, pony trekking, filming etc. in NPWS properties.
  • Handling of personal injury and other claims made by the public.
  • Dealing with NPWS property issues relating to boundary disputes, trespass on State property, etc.