Project Actions

Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans

  • Project start-up, Project Team and Project Office
  • Preparation of farm management plans
  • Preparation of forest management plans

Concrete conservation actions

  • Drain management
  • Stabilising riparian sediment sources using broadleaf planting
  • Establishment of in-field buffer strips
  • Grazing and livestock management
  • Reduction of farm nutrient inputs
  • Alternative drinking water facilities for livestock
  • Restructuring of commercial plantations to long-term retention woodland
  • Transformation of conventional clearfell managed commercial forests to continuous cover forestry
  • Firebreak management

Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  • Mussel monitoring
  • Biological monitoring of freshwater pearl mussel habitat
  • Sediment and flow monitoring
  • Water chemistry
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Monitoring the implementation of farm and forest management plans
  • Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of project actions and socio-economic impacts of project
  • Evaluation of the impacts of project actions on ecosystem functions

Public awareness and dissemination of results (obligatory)

  • Project launch, public meeting and events
  • KerryLIFE website
  • Media campaign
  • Added value, product branding and tourism
  • KerryLIFE demonstration farm and forest project sites
  • Training workshops and demonstration events
  • School educational programme
  • Project publications
  • Project conference
  • Project reporting

Overall project operation and monitoring of the project progress

  • Project operation and management
  • Networking with other projects, including LIFE projects
  • Development of the project data management systems
  • Financial management
  • Independent audit