Ferbane Bog SAC

Site Details

Site code
Special Area of Conservation (SAC)
Latitude: 53.2836
Longitude: -7.83581

Qualifying Interests

Active raised bogs [7110]

Degraded raised bogs still capable of natural regeneration [7120]

Depressions on peat substrates of the Rhynchosporion [7150]

Site Documents

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CO000575.pdf [2.6 MB]

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SY000575.pdf [131 KB]

Statutory Instrument


Download Statutory Instrument Map(s)

MAP000575.pdf [545 KB]

Related Publications

Cover image
Title: Ferbane Bog SAC [2.1 MB]
Year: 2005
Author: NPWS
Series: Conservation Plan
Cover image
Title: Assessment of impacts of turf cutting on designated raised bogs [7.1 MB]
Year: 2006
Author: Fernandez Valverde, F.; MacGowan, F.; Farrell, M.; Crowley, W.; Croal, Y.; Fanning, M.; McKee, A-M.
Series: Unpublished Report
Cover image
Title: Raised Bog Monitoring and Assessment Survey 2013, Site Report [2.9 MB]
Year: 2015
Author: NPWS
Series: Unpublished Report