National Peatlands Strategy

The National Peatlands Strategy Mid–Term Review and Implementation Plan has been published.

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Public consultation on the mid-term review of the National Peatlands Strategy

The Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform launched a public consultation on the mid-term review of the National Peatlands Strategy.

The closing date for receipt of submissions was 5.30 pm on Wednesday 30 June 2021. 

All submissions received are be published here, subject to Freedom of Information, Access to Information on the Environment, and data protection legislation.

Further details, including privacy policy, are available at

Reports on the National Peatlands Strategy

NPWS has published the National Peatlands Strategy Progress Reports -  2018 and 2019.

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The Government has approved the publication of the Peatlands Strategy Implementation Group Progress Report 2017.

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National Peatlands Strategy

As part of the Government decision of April 2011 it was decided that a Peatlands Strategy would be prepared. It was the responsibility of the Peatlands Council to oversee the drafting of this strategy and to consult with all stakeholders and with the public to ensure that it reflected all of the different viewpoints that exist.

An initial public consultation was undertaken in 2012 and pubic consultation on the Mid Term Review was undertaken in 2021.

The National Peatlands Strategy was published in 2015 (English and Irish language versions can be downloaded from the links below).

National Peatlands Strategy 2015 (PDF)

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National Peatlands Strategy ToR & Guidance  [ 616kb]