The Raven Nature Reserve

Site Details

589 ha
Latitude: 52.359
Longitude: -6.367

This reserve started its existence as a long narrow sand spit, sheltering the entrance to Wexford Harbour. In the mid-1880's the creation of the adjacent North Slob for agricultural purposes land locked the sand spit on its western side. The site is now part of a major sand dune system, which is largely stable except for the lagoons and sand bar at its southern tip.

Butterflies of Raven Wood - Information leaflet on varieties of butterfly at the nature reserve.

Animals and plants of interest
Internationally important for birds. 35% of the worlds population of Greenland and White-fronted Geese spend winter in this area. They feed by day on the Wexford Wildfowl Reserve and return each evening to roost in the relative safety of the sand bar, on the southern tip of the Raven. Large numbers of waders roost here throughout the year. Little Terns nest on the shell sandy beaches and Crossbills are occasionally seen in the woods. The dunes are rich in wild flowers, including several rarities, such as the sub species of Round-leaved Wintergreen, which is found only in Ireland on the site.