Wing Tagging


Female juvenile ‘’ tagged at the nest and later this summer in flight fully fledged


Wing–tagging of hen harrier juveniles is an important tool, allowing the detection of dispersal and survival rates and trends. This year, 3 hen harrier juveniles (all females) were wing tagged. The colour combination of the wing tags is: white on right wing and green on left with the individual birds tagged as ‘∆’ triangle,   ‘●’  Circle and ‘□ ‘  square.


Male juvenile ‘Y’

Slieve bloom birds have been recorded wintering in many parts of Ireland and this has led to the discovery of new winter roosts. This year a Slieve Bloom male ‘Y’, tagged in 2013, was recorded paired up at breeding grounds in the Slieve Aughties in the spring of 2015.   Any sightings / records of Slieve Bloom hen harriers tagged in 2013, 2014, and 2015 can be recorded on the re-sighting sheet and sent on to the NPWS.