Marine Scientific Research Permits

Marine scientific research at four offshore candidate Special Areas of Conservation is subject to permit from the National Parks & Wildlife Service. These are as follows:

Belgica Mound Province SAC (002327)

Hovland Mound Province SAC (002328)

South-West Porcupine Bank SAC (002329)

North-West Porcupine Bank SAC (002330)

National Parks & Wildlife Service is keen to facilitate scientific research at these sites in a manner consistent with management obligations.  A document entitled "Code of Practice for Marine Scientific Research at Irish Coral Reef Special Areas of Conservation" has been developed in consultation with the international scientific community. All applicants should carefully review this document and contact NPWS at their earliest convenience to discuss sampling requirements.

Download Marine Scientific Research Code of Practice  [108KB]

 Researchers on Irish vessels should complete and submit the form entitled "Application Form to Conduct Marine Scientific Research at Irish Coral Reef Special Areas of Conservation".

Download Marine Scientific Research Application Form   [61KB]

Foreign States (and their vessels) or competent international organisations are already obliged under UNCLOS to apply for consent to the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs for their vessels to conduct marine scientific research (MSR) activities in waters under Irish jurisdiction. These waters include the Territorial Sea, the 200-mile Exclusive Fishery Zone and the Continental Shelf. Permits for the offshore coral SACs will be administered automatically where relevant under this process and no separate application is therefore necessary by Foreign States or competent international organisations.

Download Offshore SAC Site Coordinates  [29KB]

Download Offshore SACs Site Map   [319KB]

Downlaod Marine SAC Government Notice   [171KB] which advertised the designation of these sites. 

For Further Information Contact:

Offshore Unit,
National Parks & Wildlife Service,
90 North King Street,
Dublin 7
D07 N7CV
Telephone + 353 (0)1 8882000; LoCall 1890 202021;