Wildlife Crime

Our mission is to Protect Nature.

One of NPWS’s key strategic goals is to safeguard nature and help prevent wildlife crime.

What to do if you suspect or witness a wildlife crime

If you suspect that a wildlife crime is/has taken place;


In your report do provide as much details as possible such as:

  • the nature, duration and impact of the incident
  • the date, time and weather conditions of the incident if known
  • If possible, identify a map reference of both the incident scene and location from where you witnessed the incident
  • Provide any relevant photographs or video imagery, if available
  • Provide any other particulars that may be of use to NPWS in its investigations

Do not:

  • Do not disturb the scene by moving items or walking about unnecessarily
  • Do not touch dead animals or birds, especially if you suspect that poison may have been used
  • Engage with alleged offenders

When you contact us about a suspected breach of wildlife legislation or wildlife crime incident, you will be asked to give your name and contact details. These are considered “personal data” under the Data Protection Acts and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that your personal details will not be made available in any publicly accessible form or published.