Story Map Viewer and Data Downloads

Story Map Viewer

The National Ecosystem and Ecosystem Services Map Viewer is available at the following URL:

The Story Maps illustrate the potential ecosystem services stocks prioritised and mapped, namely

  • Soil carbon (Regulation of greenhouse gases (carbon))
  • Vegetation carbon (Regulation of greenhouse gases (carbon))
  • Marine carbon (Regulation of greenhouse gases (carbon))
  • Areas of Land that temporarily store water (Flood Control)
  • Areas of Land Promoting Good Water Quality - (Regulation of Water Quality)
  • Vegetation carbon (Regulation of greenhouse gases (carbon))
  • Areas of land supporting food production (Nutrition from crops, livestock and wild food).
  • Marine areas that provide food (Marine food (Provision))

These ecosystem services outputs are based on a national spatial framework of ecosystem services indicators based on available Irish spatial data. This is done using the SENCE (Spatial Evidence for Natural Capital Evaluation) approach through which direct and proxy spatial indicators are combined and weighted relative to each ecosystem service using a scientific Rules Base.

Key proxy indicators along with direct spatial indicators (such as elelvation, soils, geology) form the basis for this spatial framework for ecosystem services for Ireland. The key proxy indicators developed in this project, are shared in this Story Map, namely:

  • Habitats Asset Register
  • Species Coincidence
  • Conservation Designations
  • Ecological Networks (Woodlands, Grasslands, Wetlands)
  • Terrestrial Biodiversity
  • Marine Biodiversity

Metadata covering the spatial data in PDF format can be downloaded here

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Spatial Data Downloads

The following project GIS raster files are available to download: