The NPWS Flora (Protection) Order 2022 Map Viewer – Vascular Plants, Charophytes and Lichens has been published

Date Released: Monday, December 4, 2023

The NPWS Flora (Protection) Order 2022 Map Viewer web application shows records for Vascular Plants, Charophytes and Lichens listed in and legally protected under the Flora (Protection) Order 2022.

Records shown are those held in the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Recorder 6 database and are presented as 1m x 1m to 10km x 10km squares, the resolution corresponding to that at which the records are held in the database. Records can be displayed at a range of scales and on a variety of background mapping and aerial imagery. Records may be interrogated, filtered and queried in various ways and the results downloaded to a variety of digital formats.

All records in the Map Viewer may be downloaded. Records for sensitive species (indicated in attribute field 'Sensitive_Species' in Map Viewer layers) are obscured to hectad (10km x 10km) resolution. More detailed locations for such species can be provided for bona fide reasons and under strict terms and conditions, following assessment of a formal data request (see Sensitive Data Access for details).

The resources in this project (GIS and tabular data) will be updated periodically to reflect holdings in the NPWS species database.

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Information on Bryophytes (liverworts and mosses) listed in the Flora (Protection) Order 2022 can be viewed in the FPO Bryophytes viewer.

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