Mongan Bog Nature Reserve

Site Details

119 ha
Latitude: 53.327
Longitude: -7.951
Property of An Taisce

An excellent example of a midland raised bog. It is a valuable addition to the growing network of peatland reserves. Blocking of Bord na Móna drains was carried out in the 1990s in an effort to rehabilitate this bog.

Animals and plants of interest
The bog is believed to be 9,000 years old and has formed in a basin between 2 east-west trending eskers. A typical midland raised bog vegetation exists with Sphagnum bog moss species that cause bog growth found in the wetter area to the centre of the bog. Mongan Bog has a notable lichen community due to the lack burning on the high bog in the recent past. There are a good number of wintering Snipe to be found, however, Greenland Whitefronted geese no longer use this bog to the extent that the did in the past. Hen Harriers occasionally hunt over the site in Winter.