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EU Award for BurrenLIFE

Date Released: 02 February 2012

The BurrenLIFE Project was selected by the Member States of the European Union as one of the top 6 "Best of the Best" LIFE Nature projects out of 59 projects assessed in 2010.

This is the highest level of international recognition that it is possible for a LIFE Nature project to achieve within the framework of the EU LIFE Programme and a great honour for the country. It is also of great credit to the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) of the Department, who initiated the Project, the Project partners – Teagasc and the Burren IFA – and the BurrenLIFE team who so successfully steered the 5 year Project.

It is also recognition of the involvement, help, assistance and enthusiasm provided by the Burren farmers who participated in the Project.

Details of the Burren LIFE  Project and the Coillte LIFE Project, which was also in the top 6, can be found on the Best LIFE Nature Projects 2010 page.

The methods developed on the 20 farms participating in the LIFE Project are now being implemented on over 140 farms in a new partnership – the Burren Farming for Conservation Programme - with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. As a result, over 13,000ha of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) in the Burren are being managed to improve their conservation status.