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Public Consultation on assessments of conservation status reports under Art.17 of the Habitats Directive at EU biogeographical level prepared by EEA, ETC/BD : June 3rd 2014 to July 7th 2014

Developments on Peatlands Policy
16 January 2014

Pine Marten information leaflet
23 October 2013

Achill Head SAC (002268) conservation objectives
18 October 2013

Kerry Head Shoal SAC and Tramore Backstrand SPA
15 October 2013

Rutland Island and Sound SAC (002283
11 October 2013

Article 17 Conservation Status Assessment vol.2 & 3
03 October 2013

New Conservation Objectives
05 September 2013

Tramore Dunes and Backstrand SAC (000671)
11 September 2013

New Conservation Objectives for Malahide Estuary SPA
20 August 2013

Tracking Hen Harriers
23 August 2013

Rogerstown Estuary SAC (000208) conservation objectives
16 August 2013

new report: Bird of Prey Poisoning and Persecution Report 2011
26 July 2013

Invitation for submissions of taking young raptors from the wild
30 July 2013

New Site specific conservation objectives & Irish Wildlife Manual
24 July 2013

IWM 69, 70 and 71
02 July 2013

Invitation for submissions-Boating on Killarney Lakes
21 June 2013

22 February 2013

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) - Young Researchers Award - Call for Proposals
31 January 2013


NEW! 2013 Hen Harrier Wing-Tagging Scheme. 

hen harrier juvenile blue and white wing tags   slieve bloom NR juvenile hen harrier 'star'

Hen harriers are an emblematic and rare bird of prey found in the Slieve Bloom Mountains (they are the qualifying in interest for the Slieve Blooms SPA). They are ground-nesting birds: typically nesting amongst tall heather in the Slieve Blooms. They feed mainly on small birds such as meadow pipits and also on small rodents such as field mice. This  summer, 10 Hen harriers juveniles were wing tagged in the Slieve Bloom Mountains SPA in Counties Laois and Offaly. Each has a blue wing tag on the right wing (denoting the Slieve Blooms) and a white tag on the left wing (denoting 2013 as year of tagging).  The juveniles carry different symbols on the tags to demarcate them as individuals.

The project will hopefully provide vital data helping to answer questions such as where do some of the Slieve Bloom hen harriers go to in winter? and whether wing-tagged birds survive to return eventually to breed in the Slieve Blooms or other uplands.

wing tagged hh juvenile   tagged  hh juvenile in flight

Your help is vital. If you see a hen harrier with blue and white wing tags please fill out the and return the record form below: 

 Slieve Bloom Wing-tagged Juvenile Hen Harrier re-sigthing form

Help us find out more about this species of high conservation concern.

Many thanks to Dr Barry O'Donoghue NPWS and Charles Tweeney this year-JM 


Another resighting- a tagged Slieve Bloom hen harrier juvenile was seen flying in  in a Kildare fen by a birdwatcher on 30/9/13. Hopefuly there will be other records from this neighbouring County. The importance of wetlands such as fens and reed beds  to hen harriers for hunting and roosting in winter is considerable.  

One of the wing-tagged Slieve Bloom birds was seen by birdwatchers on 05/09/13 in a coastal estuary in North County Dublin-fantastic news! It will be interesting to see if this bird stays about and roosts in this locality over winter or moves about or beyond: Irish hen harriers are known occasionally to cross the sea to Britain.  Equally interesting it would be to see if other blue and white tagged Slieve Bloom birds turn up at other east coast sites in Ireland.  



Heritage Week  2013

heritage week walk viewing platform 2013 NPWS Heritage Week Walk at the Ridge of Capard

An enjoyable family wildlife walk  took place on the Nature Reserve at the Ridge of Capard for Heritage Week on Tuesday 20th of August. In all, 25 people turned up to see the varied flora and fauna on the heath and blanket bog from emperor moth caterpilars to sundews. Many thanks to Ann-Marie Henderson, Ecology Student, who helped out on the day and to Mick Dowling who shared some of his vast knowledge of the folklore and traditions of the mountains.     

















Extension of Submissions Deadline for Deer Hunting Season Review
16 November 2012

Hunting Red Deer Banned in County Kerry
30 October 2012

Curlew Hunting Banned
30 October 2012

National Raised Bog SAC Management Plan - Proposed Approach
17 September 2012

New Integrated Marine Plan to Double Ireland's Ocean Wealth
08 August 2012

National Inventory of Irish Wetlands
31 July 2012

Public Notice - Office closure
23 July 2012

Burren Bus Service
03 July 2012

Burren National Park Visitor Information
22 May 2012

Public Consultation – Guidance to Manage the Risk to Marine Mammals from Man-made Sound Sources in Irish Waters
25 March 2012

Licence for Frog spawn collection by teachers
02 February 2012

EU Award for BurrenLIFE
02 February 2012

2012 Workshop Programme - National Biodiversity Data Centre
16 January 2012

Extension of Consultation Period - National Peatlands Strategy - Public Consultation
11 November 2011

Concern over disease in Irish red squirrels
13 December 2011

New Site Conservation Objectives released
24 August 2011

New Red List for Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish published
24 August 2011

New EU Regulations Published
26 September 2011

SAC datasheets again available for download
17 October 2011

Greenland White fronted geese return
07 November 2011