Project Details

In June 2015 NPWS commissioned a short project for a National Ecosystem and Ecosystem Services map for a suite of prioritised services based on available data.

In addition to highlighting the importance and values of biodiversity and ecosystems the project aims to initiate discussion on how ecosystem services assessments can be integrated into mutlisectoral decision making processes in Ireland.

The deliverables will contribute to Ireland meeting a number of national, EU and UN obligations.

The project will be based on available information and build upon existing approaches and tools including the MAES conceptual framework and the JNCC Spatial Framework approach as well as initiatives and activities in Ireland.

The project outputs will be posted here:

December 2015 MAES Stakeholder Workshop Christmas Fare
Presentation to the Irish Forum on Natural Capital

The 2nd Stakeholder Workshop took place November 25th, National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

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