Consultation Notice on declarations relating to control of certain wild bird species

Date Released: Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The current declarations by the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht allowing for the control of certain wild bird species are due to expire on 30 April 2020.   These declarations are made by the Minister in exercising the powers conferred on her by Section 3 of the European Communities (Wildlife Act, 1976) (Amendment) Regulations 1986 (S.I. No. 254 of 1986).

The effects of the declarations are to allow the control of certain wild bird species by landowners or their agents where these species are causing serious damage to crops, livestock, fauna or where they represent a threat to public health, throughout the State. A separate declaration is made to allow the control of certain wild bird species by airport authorities or their agents throughout the State where these species represent a threat to air-safety.  A link to the current Declarations is below.

A review of the derogation process under Article 9 of the Birds Directive was completed in 2018 and the report can be viewed in the link below.

As part of the annual review of the declarations, the Department is seeking views on the operation of the declarations during the current period. Proposals to amend the declarations should be accompanied with appropriate documentation to support the request.  

Accordingly, any comments/proposals you may wish to make should be submitted to the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, via e-mail  ( by 500pm on Friday 10 January 2020

Or post to:

Wildlife Licensing Unit
National Parks and Wildlife Service
Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht
90 North King Street
Dublin 7 D07 N7CV

Mark Submissions: “Wild Bird Declarations”

Please note all submissions must include the full name and address of the person making the submission and where relevant the name of the body or organisation represented. Confidential or commercially sensitive information should be clearly identified in your submission. However parties should also note that any or all responses to the consultation are subject in their entirety to the provisions of the FOI Acts and may be published by the Department.