Seasonal Contracts Spring-Summer 2019

The Eurasian Curlew is of serious conservation concern. A recent national survey commissioned by the National Parks & Wildlife Service found drastic declines of the national breeding population of Curlews. There now remains no more than 150 pairs in the Republic of Ireland. This represents a 96% decline. Breeding productivity is so low that population viability analysis predicts that in the absence of any action, the Curlew will go extinct as a breeding species in Ireland within 5-10 years. To address this, the Curlew Conservation Programme was established in 2017, with Curlew Action Teams (CATs) based locally, working with local communities and landowners to assist Curlew breeding efforts.

The National Parks & Wildlife Service is requesting tenders for the following services* for CATs for Spring-Summer 2019:

in each of the following areas:

*Successful applications will result in the provision of contracts to deliver specific services to the Department. 

Details of each position are outlined below. You can also download the details in PDF format.

How to apply

Individual applications for each position should be sent to the Agri-Ecology unit of the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Applications must be sent on the official application form which you can download here. The form is in Microsoft Word (.docx) format. You can submit the form by email to:

or by post to

Agri-Ecology Unit
National Parks & Wildlife Service
3rd Floor
Custom House
H91 XV2C

to arrive no later than Tuesday 05 March 2019.

If you have difficulties downloading or submitting the form, please contact the Agri-Ecology Unit on (01) 888 3255.