Curlew Nest Protection Officer


The role of the Curlew Nest Protection Officer is to control and lessen the likelihood of Curlew nest/chick predation by Fox, Mink, Hooded Crow and Magpie solely in the vicinity of Curlew breeding territories (within 1km of nest sites). The Curlew Nest Protection Officer will also assist in efforts to find breeding Curlew and indeed in assembling and maintaining nest protection fences. Record keeping according to set standards is a vital part of this role. The specific tasks and deliverables of the Nest Protection Officer are outlined below. 



Starting Thursday 01 March 2018, the primary focus of the Curlew Nest Protection Officer shall be to protect Curlew nests by use of predator proof fences and to legally trap and humanely dispatch unprotected predators within 1km of known Curlew territories. 

Category Curlew Nest Protection Officer Focus
Surveys Surveying predators (main focus to determine hotspots/risk areas for predators) and assisting with Curlew Surveys where requested by CAO. NPOs are encouraged to discuss Curlew with landowners and locals, with a view to determining current/recent usage of lands by Curlew. Relevant information on predators and Curlew shall be recorded and provided to both the Curlew Advisory Officer and the Curlew researcher.
Nest protection Erecting and maintaining predator-proof fences.
Legal trapping and humane dispatching  of unprotected predators Controlling predators solely within 1km of known Curlew territories.
Liaison with local gun clubs Engaging with and recording supplementary efforts of other gun club members. Encouraging local gun club members involved in predator control to focus efforts in specific areas. The Curlew Nest Protection Officer should be a contact point between the project other gun club members in the area and encourage a responsible approach to predator control.
Liaison with landowners and public Explaining the purpose of the predator control efforts, gaining access to lands, being courteous and respectful, operating in a non-intrusive way and building a positive profile in the local area are all requirements of the post.
Liaison with project manager/local advisor/NPWS personnel The Curlew Nest Protection Officer will report to the project manager in Agri-Ecology Unit. Positive and proactive engagement with landowners, regional NPWS staff and other project operatives is a requirement of the post

Equipment and Logistics

The Curlew Nest Protection Officer shall be responsible for organising all equipment, including traps and ammunition and ensuring (by discussion with NPWS regional management) that all is legally sound. The Curlew Nest Protection Officer shall use their own vehicle/diesel, etc. and this will be taken from the overall contract amount.

Selection of Nest Protection Officers

A tender evaluation committee shall select one Nest Protection Officer for each area as advertised. In their tender, applicants are advised to clearly outline their costs, experience and expertise, in accordance with the application form found in Appendix 2. The following marking criteria shall be applied in the evaluation of tenders:

Criterion Marks
Cost 400
Experience 400 (minimum required 200)
Qualifications appropriate to the position 200 (minimum required 100)

Background checks

NPWS reserve the right to undertake background checks internally and with An Garda Síochána for any history of hunting or firearms offences, in advance of awarding contracts for nest protection services.