Curlew Champion


In order to promote the Curlew Conservation Programme locally and to engender local support for the project, the services of a local Curlew Champion will be engaged. This person will ideally be known to people in local area and will ideally have associations with the farming community, given farmers are the main stakeholders with whom the project will work. The Curlew Champion will build a positive profile for the project and animate local actors to take a proactive part in reporting Curlew locations and engage on measures to help breeding Curlews. The local Curlew Champion will also be responsible for assisting the Curlew Advisory Officer in survey work and is naturally required to document and report any Curlew activity reported or found locally. The Curlew Champion will be central to gaining the support of local people to enable a smooth operation of the scheme, including building relations between project personnel (including the local Curlew Advisory Officer, Curlew Nest Protection Officer and Curlew Action Team Assistant) and local people.



Starting Tuesday 20 March 2018, the primary focus of the Curlew Champion will be to form close relationships between the local community, Curlews and the Curlew Conservation Programme. 

Category Curlew Champion Focus
Team and community liaison Forming close working relationships with project personnel, NPWS and landowners. 
Disseminating information Discussing various matters in relation to the efforts underway with locals, with a particular focus on delivering results for Curlew and passing on recommendations for wider roll-out of conservation efforts
Public awareness and media

Attending relevant meetings (e.g. farmer / agricultural planner meetings) and events (e.g. local shows/festivals).

Undertaking at least one local radio interview in Spring 2018 and one local newspaper article in Spring 2018 (any press related material should be approved in advance by NPWS/DCHG)

Assisting in smooth running of programme locally

Improving the collaborative approach and efficacy of effort by the project and landowners.

Bringing issues and proposed solutions brought to attention at the earliest opportunity.

Building profile of programme  and curlew Building a positive profile for the Curlew and the NPWS Curlew Conservation Programme among landowners and local community.

Providing information (through talks and information material) to at least five national schools and one secondary school (ideally to 5th/6th year students) locally.

Engraining an understanding among local landowners and community of the project and why it is of benefit to engage proactively for Curlew conservation efforts locally.

Surveys Working closely with the Curlew Advisory Officer on survey work.

Equipment and Logistics

The local Curlew Champion shall use their own vehicle/diesel, etc. and this will be taken from the overall contract amount.

Selection of Curlew Champions

A tender evaluation committee shall select one Curlew Champion for each area as advertised. In their tender, applicants are advised to clearly outline their costs, experience and expertise, in accordance with the application form found in Appendix 2. The following marking criteria shall be applied in the evaluation of tenders:

Criterion Marks
Cost 400
Experience 400 (minimum required 200)
Qualifications appropriate to the position 200 (minimum required 100)