Compensation Schemes

The Government is committed, as part of the social partnership process, to the payment of a fair and proper level of compensation to landowners and users who have lands proposed for designation as a NHA, SAC or SPA.A landowner may seek compensation for actual losses incurred as a result of having land included in a NHA, candidate SAC or SPA. Eligible landowners should submit to the Department, details of the losses incurred as a result of the inclusion of lands in a NHA, SAC or SPA, outlining the basis for the calculations. Documentary evidence of past earnings and the activities that produced these should be included with the claim. Should the applicant be dissatisfied with a compensation that is made, the case may be referred to an independent arbitrator who will review the matter and make a final decision. Where a proposed SAC/NHA/SPA prevents the landowner from carrying out an activity or development on their land, the compensation due will exclude any payments that have been attracted under grant schemes (other than headage or premia payments).