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Deputy's Pass Nature Reserve

Co. Wicklow

Location: near Glenealy.

Area (ha.): 47 
Although coppice in origin this woodland is a good example of its type.

Established 1982. State owned



Glendalough Nature Reserve

Co. Wicklow

Location: A series of oak woods extending from the upper lake to the lower slopes of Derrybawn Mountain.

Area (ha.): 157

Established 1988. State owned.


Glenealo Valley Nature Reserve

Co. Wicklow

Location: Lies above and to the west of Glendalough.

Area (ha.): 1,958
A broad open valley surrounded by mountains and generally consists of a large plateau of mixed heathland and peatland.

Established 1988. State owned.

Glen of the Downs Nature Reserve

Co. Wicklow

Location: About 8 km south of Bray.

Area (ha.): 59
This is an area of sessile oak. It is a very good example of the drier type of oak woodland characteristic of acid soils in Wicklow.

Established 1980. State owned.


Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve
Tearman Dulra Coill Cnoc Sinche


Co. Wicklow

Location: Situated in the Glencullen river valley just north of Enniskerry.

Area (ha.): 52.3
Some of the valley slopes are dominated by sessile oak, while other areas are characterised by mixed woodland. Notable features of the slopes are the frequent and extensive springs and seepage areas within the woodland. These petrifying springs are listed as a priority habitat in the EU Habitats Directive. The site has one of the most diverse woodland invertebrate faunas in Ireland, incorporating wet woodland organisms threatened internationally within the EU. There is an educational centre within the site.

Established in 1994. State owned.

Access: Entry to Knocksink Wood is from the Dublin Road (also known as the Monastery Road). Knocksink Wood is accessible to small vehicles and vans while coaches bringing groups have plenty of turning space and a stopping area.  Smaller buses may go all the way to the car park of the Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve Education Centre, 0.5 km from the main gate (open from dawn to dusk throughout the year with the exception of Bank holiday weekends when it remains closed).  The education centre is open office hours throughout the year and at weekends on request.

Vale of Clara Nature Reserve

Co. Wicklow

Location: Mostly on the eastern side of the Avonmore River.

Area (ha.): 220.57
A large area of fragmented oak-wood. It contains the largest area of semi-natural woodland in Co. Wicklow and is potentially one of the largest stands of native hardwoods in the country. The area has been at least partially under woodland since the Ice Age. The oak-woods are also of high scenic value.

Established 1983. State owned.