Q: Nothing appeared when I agreed to the terms, I can't see any maps.
Q.I use a Pop Up Blocker, how can I set it to allow your popup from your site?

Popup Blockers

In order to maximise the possible map display area the NPWS MapViewer launches within a pop up. In addition the Map Viewer Help File, the Detailed Results page, the Print Map View and the Download Tool all use popups.

You are not required to uninstall your anti-popup software. This section describes how you may set several of the most common popup blockers to allow popups from this site. Our recommendation is that you allow popups from the www.npws.ie and www.designatednatureareas.ie/mapviewer domains. Due to the large number of pop-up blockers it is not possible to provide a comprehensive guide. For instructions on other pop-up blockers, please refer to your popup blocker users guide.

It is possible to have several popup blockers running simultaneously. If this is the case on your system you may have to allow popups from www.npws.ie and www.designatednatureareas.ie/mapviewer on each one.

Microsoft's XP Service Pack 2 Using Internet Explorer

  • From the Internet Explorer tool-bar, select the Tools menu.
    From the drop down menu, click Internet Options then select the Privacy tab. At the bottom of the Privacy section there should be a Pop-up Blocker section.
    Select the Settings button.
  • Add www.npws.ie and www.designatednatureareas.ie/mapviewer to the "Address of Website'' to allow section.
  • Click the Add button, then Select the Close button, then Select the OK button.

  • Firefox

When blocking a popup, Firefox displays an information bar, as well as an icon in the status bar. When you click either the Options button in the information bar or the icon in the status bar, a menu is displayed with the following choices:

  • Allow/Block popups for this site
  • Edit Popup Blocker
  • Don't show this message when popups are blocked
  • Show a blocked popup

To allow pop-ups from the www.npws.ie and/or the www.designatednatureareas.ie domain?.


Click Allow popups from this site.


Click the ''Edit Popup Blocker'' options and add the the www.npws.ie and www.designatednatureareas.ie domains

Then click OK.

Google ToolBar

Click the ''Add to whitelist'' option

Yahoo Toolbar

Select ''Always allow popups from'' and add the
www.npws.ie and www.designatednatureareas.ie domains

Q: Why does the map appear yellow?

A: After carrying out a query or selecting a designated area or grid square using any of the selection tools the result is displayed in yellow. To clear these selections use the clear result button. Please check the help file for more information on how the Map Viewer tools work.

Q: What are the Red Shapes on the map?

A: The Special Area of Conservation display by default. If you click the Contents tab and then click on the ''View Legend'' button the map legend will appear. Remember to return to the contents tab to select other designation types for display.

Q: How do I return to the full map of Ireland?

A: Please check the help file for more information on how the Map Viewer tools work. The tool required is the ''Zoom to original Extent Button''