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Deer Hunting Licences

Deer Hunting Licence applications are considered, under Section 29(1) of the Wildlife Act, 1976 (as amended).

Application for Licence to Hunt Deer  PDF_icon [1MB] forms are available to download or from:

National Parks and Wildlife Service,
Department of Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht
7 Ely Place,
Dublin 2.
Tel: (01)888 3242
Email: wildlifelicence@ahg.gov.ie


Application forms are issued to existing licence holders on an annual basis for renewal purposes. Where all the relevant information on the application form is supplied and written evidence of permission to hunt on lands holding deer is also furnished, applications are forwarded to local NPWS management staff for consideration and recommendation.  Permissions must be signed and dated by the landowner or the holder of the sporting rights of the land (if different). The landowner from whom permission has been obtained and submitted in support of the application may be required to confirm this permission. The application together with an appropriate recommendation is then returned and the decision is made to grant or refuse the licence by an officer designated by the Minister to issue licences on his/her behalf.

Where, in the opinion of local NPWS management, the granting of multiple applications for licences based on particular lands may impact adversely on local deer populations, deer licence(s) may be refused for conservation reasons. Similarly, the number of licences granted, based on Coillte Lettings on which the number of deer to be shot (or "bag") is restricted, will have regard to the "bag number".

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